Everybody loves visiting the Basque country and discovering its little gastronomic treasures in some of their famous pintxos taverns.

That’s what the TXAPELA restaurants are: real euskal tabernas brought from the heart of San Sebastián to the center of Barcelona and Madrid, where everyone can go mad tasting the most delicious pintxos and drinking the best txacolí wine and ciders from Euskadi. Chorizo a la sidra? We marinate it for hours in Astigarraga cider, so you will never forget the taste. Tortilla de bakalao? One of our classic omelettes, we prepare this All-Star recipe on a pintxo with sautéed onions. Our blood sausage is the real one, the morcilla de Beasain: unique in the word! And up to 51 many other different pintxos, all of them amazing and creative, all of them freshly made.

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