Legal note


The identity and other information brings over of the titular company of the Web is established in the paragraph ” Informative information ” accessibly in the HomePage of the Web present. In forward one will refer to AN Grup. to designate to the titular company of the Web. AN GRUP S.L, Spanish company, with head office in Barcelona, Avda. Diagonal, n º 405 bis, inscribed in the Mercantile Record of Barcelona, to the volume 34442, do I foliate 61, leaf n º 2468000, inscription 1 ª, and provided with C.I.F. n º B-62.840.673? AN Grup. is an owner of the following domain:


The present Conditions (in forward named as Legal Notice) they take as a regular object the use of this Web that An Grup puts at the disposal of the public in the present URL. The utilization of the web for a third party attributes the User’s condition to him and, supposes the full acceptance for the above mentioned User, of each and every of the conditions that join in the present Legal Notice. AN Grup can offer across the Web, services or products that will be able to be surrendered to a few particular own conditions that, according to the cases, substitute, they complete and / or modify the present Conditions, and about which it will inform the User in every concrete case. The present web site has been designed to announce and to allow the general access of Information, activities, products and diverse services offered by AN Grup. All this information, activities, products and diverse services will be named in a joint way inside this document as “Contents”.


The User promises to use the Web, the contents and services of conformity with the Law, the present Legal Notice, the good customs and the public order. In the same way, the User binds not to use the Web or the services that borrow across him with ends or effects illicit or opposite to the content, harmful of the present Legal Notice the interests or rights of third parties, or that of any form it could damage, render useless or spoil the Web or his services, or to prevent a normal enjoyment of the Web for other Users. Likewise, the User promises not to destroy expressly, to alter, to render useless or, of any other form, to damage the information, programs or electronic documents and others who are in AN’s Web Grup. The User promises not to prevent the access of other users to the service of access by means of the massive consumption of the IT resources across which AN Grup gives the service, as well as to realize actions that they damage, interrupt or generate mistakes in the above mentioned systems. The User promises not to introduce programs, virus, macros, applets, controls ActiveX or any other logical device or sequence of characters that cause or are capable of causing any type of alteration in AN’s IT systems Grup or of third parties.Likewise, AN Grup to himself does not play the role the User responsible for the comments and opinions spilt in the web site. The User is conscious and accepts voluntarily and expressly that the use of the web site realizes in any case under his only and exclusive responsibility.? In the utilization of the web site, the User promises not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, the interests and AN’s rights Grup or of third parties or that it could damage, render useless or overload the web site or that was preventing, of any form, the normal utilization of the web site. AN Grup saves himself the right to realize any action or operation of moderation, including the edition or suppression of messages that he considers to be inappropriate. One warns that the operations of moderation will be realized of periodic form and with character before his effective publication. AN Grup saves himself the right to put to judicial provision the IP addresses of the Users, to the effects previously notable, if this way it was needed.


Departs from the web site can shelter advertising contents or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the only ones responsible of assuring him that the material sent for his incorporation in the Web site expires with the laws that in every case could be of application. AN Grup. will not be responsible for any mistake, inaccuracy or irregularity that the advertising contents could contain or of the sponsors. In any case, to interpose any claim related to the advertising Contents inserted in this Web site they can go to the following email address:


All the contents of the Web, except that the opposite is indicated, are AN’s exclusive ownership Grup. and, with character enunciativo, that not limitative, the graphical design, source code, logos, texts, graphs, illustrations, photographies, and other elements that appear in the Web. Equally, all the trade names, brands or distinctive signs of any class contained in the Web are protected by the Law. AN Grup. does not grant any type of license or authorization of personal use to the User on his rights of intellectual and industrial property Or on any other right related to his Web and the services offered in the same one. For it, the User recognizes that the reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation, and in general, any other form of exploitation, for any procedure, of everything or part of the contents of this Web constitutes an infraction of the rights of intellectual and / or industrial property of AN Grup. or of the holder of the same ones.


1. Responsibility for the Use of the Web The User is the only one responsible for the infractions which it could incur or of the prejudices that it could cause for the utilization of the Web, remaining AN Grup his partners, group companies, collaborators, employees and representatives freed from any class of responsibility that It was possible to derive for the actions of the User. AN Grup. will use all the efforts and a half reasonable to facilitate updated and authentic information in the Web, nevertheless, AN Grup does not assume any guarantee in relation with the absence of mistakes, or of possible inaccuracies and / or omissions in any of the accessible contents across this Web. The User is the responsible only one opposite to any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action initiated by third persons against AN Grup. based on the utilization for the User of the Web. In his case, the User will assume all the expenses, costs and indemnifications are irrogados to AN Grup. on the occasion of such claims or legal actions.

2. Responsibility for the functioning of the Web AN Grup. excludes any responsibility That could stem from interferences, omissions, interruptions, IT virus, telephonic breakdowns or desconexiones in the operative functioning of the electronic system, motivated by reasons foreign to AN Grup. Likewise, AN Grup also excludes any responsibility that could stem for delays or blockades in the operative functioning of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or on load in the telephonic lines or in Internet, as well as of hurts caused by third persons by means of illegitimate interferences out of AN’s control Grup AN Grup it is authorized to suspend temporarily, and without previous notice, the accessibility to the Web on the occasion of operations of maintenance, repair, update or improvement.

3. Responsibility for links The links or linksThey can lead the User to Web others managed by third parties. AN Grup declines any responsibility with regard to the information that is situated out of the Web, since the function of the links that they appear is only it of informing the User about the existence of other sources of information about a topic in concretly. AN Grup remains freed from any responsibility for the correct functioning of such links, of the result obtained across the above mentioned links, of the veracity and legality of the content or information to which it is possible to accede, as well as from the prejudices that the User could suffer by virtue of the information found in the connected Web.


The User guarantees that the information, material, contents or observations that are not his own personal information and that are facilitated to AN Grup. across the Web, do not infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property of third parties, not no other legal disposition. The information, materials, contents or observations that the User facilitates to AN Grup., they will be considered to be not confidential, saving itself AN Grup. the right to use them of the form that he considers to be more suitable.


“Free Gift”

  • Gift of a Merchandising item with the minimum consumption indicated in the corresponding promotion.
  • The gift will always be determined by AN Grup and subject to the availability of stocks.
  • The prize is not exchangeable for its corresponding amount in cash.

For all offers and promotions:

  • They have a limited duration, the date indicated in the object of each of the promotions.
  • Offers and promotions are not combinable with other offers and promotions.
  • Offers and promotions are personal, one gift per person and visit.
  • AN Grup reserves the right of not applying the promotion if the object of the promotion is not in good condition or if its authenticity is not assured.


A. The mechanics of participation in the contests and raffles made by AN Grup in the different social channels will be specified in the publication of each of them.

B. The territorial scope for its participation is Spain.

C. The participation deadline will be indicated in each of the contests and/or raffles.

D. The prizes will be indicated in each contest and/or raffle.

E. If the mechanics of the raffle or contest includes the contribution of the participants with contents:

a.AN Grup reserves the right to block those contents it finds pertinent.

b.AN Grup reserves the right to use these contents for commercial purposes.

c.AN Grup is not responsible for the copyright of those contents and is exempt from any responsibility that could be derived from its use by the participant who has provided with them.

F.AN Grup reserves the right to declare invalid a contest or raffle for the reasons it considers appropriate.

G. All raffles and contests will comply with the data protection act set out in point 7.

H. For the assignment of the winners of any raffle we make, software tools will be selected via


AN Grup it saves itself the right to modify, to develop or update at any time and without previous notification, the conditions of use of the Web present. The User will remain obliged automatically for the conditions of use that are situated in force in the moment in which he accedes to the Web, for what it will have to read from time to time the above mentioned conditions of use.


All the controversies or claims arisen from the interpretation or execution of the present Legal Notice will be ruled by the Spanish legislation, and will surrender to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Courts of Barcelona.