The MUSSOL (owl) restaurants first opened their wide eyes and spread their wings in the early 1990s. They were conceived as our way of evoking the charm and cuisine from the typical Catalan farmhouses, the masias, at the center of Barcelona. Especial attention was given to their top quality products and unique recipes. All of MUSSOL venues have an industrial atmosphere, full of character and small details.

Ever since the opening of the first and iconic Mussol on Barcelona’s Casp Street, we’ve been adding new Mussols around the city, seeking to offer this experience to more people in other neighborhoods. In fact, we hope that all our faithful customers will always find a Mussol restaurant nearby to enjoy our rich cuisine: premium vegetables that taste like the real thing,  grown by our beloved farmer in the nearby town of El Prat; our selected meats and cold cuts, which we make sure come from a trusted origin, ready grilled on a vegetable coal barbeque; or our traditional dishes like the cannelloni, the vegetable pies, and our delicious and endearing homemade desserts… And, last but not least, our irresistible Folgueroles “coca” bread, which we rub with ripe fresh tomatoes and top with a drizzle of olive oil.

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