Marítim is, what can we say, a spectacular place… Overlooking the sea and the Barcelona sports marina, the dining experience at the Marítim makes you feel like you’re right on a boat’s deck… The sea, the sun, rice, a great variety of grilled fish and sea food, the incredible sunsets, fresh shrimp, the Mediterranean, a gin and tonic with a touch of blue, good vibes, a boat sailing on the horizon, the experience of enjoying Barcelona from the sea…

A restaurant where one can celebrate everything and just go with the flow. Its interior design, made by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, makes the venue absolutely stylish, Mediterranean, charming and warm.

Its cuisine is pure and respectful of the sea flavors; fresh fish just arrived from the market, grilled on oak firewood or cooked in the oven, and our epic rice dishes, based on three pillars: fish stock and broth, cooked al dente, light and fluffy, in big paellas, with the expertise of our great chefs. And if the rice is not cooked to the exact point you like it, we’ll cook it again… If you are still not satisfied, we will just jump off to the sea!

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